Unity Online Kindness Challenge

Join the UOC Community in Our Kindness Challenge!
As a centerpiece of our Unity Kindness Project, we have the opportunity to participate in an online Kindness Challenge presented by Kindspring.org and guided by our own Lynn Foster. This is a wonderful reminder that will come to you via e-mail every other day, providing creative inspiration for making kindness part of your daily life. And, you’ll have the chance to share your experiences, your reflections and revelations with our spiritual family. The seed is planted. Now, cultivate kindness and watch it grow. The UOC group is ready to go! Sign up NOW! The Kindness Challenge begins on April 8th. (You’ll note that the Kindspring program is for 21 days. Ours is spread over 40 days in concert with our theme.)
  • To participate in UOC’s 40-Day Kindness Challenge
  • Go to KindSpring.org
  • Click on the tab labeled 21-DAY CHALLENGE
  • Scroll down to find “UOC 40th Anniversary Kindness Challenge”
  • Click on “Join Now”
  • Fill in the required information 
You are done!  You can close the KindSpring website, or explore it more if you wish.
You will receive an email confirming that you have signed up and explaining how the challenge works.
Here are some special videos to spur your journey:
We have created our own inspirational tools to bring joy and camaraderie to our Kindness Project.  You’ll see our work in the narthex; the Kindness Tree has leaves of inspiration. We invite you to choose a leaf and let it spark your imagination and kind actions. The giant 40 offers a special space to share your kindness: given, received and witnessed. Write your experiences on a post-it note and see kindness go viral…
And, here are two wonderful ideas to create “Kindness Vehicles,” so easy to be kind… and so easy to pass it on…
One of our Unity family, Chaya Champion from the Vibrancy Path, has kindly offered her own very special gifts to the Kindness Project. 
Here is Chaya’s lovely Kindness Meditation: 
And, Chaya connected us to her World Kindness Team – a global group of like-minded people sharing kindness.