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Holiday Gift Certificate Menu

Gift certificates are available from the practitioner offering the service. 

EFT Tapping: Cindy Haney (434-825-7626) – cindy@cindyhaney.com 
EFT Tapping is a gentle, transformative healing modality that is effective for many issues. Tapping on acupressure points while being guided to focus on your issue helps you to release negative programming and inner conflicts. One hour -$90. Package of three sessions - $240.

 Essential Oils Consultation: Tahira Haroon (434) 296-0064) – Tahira.ZBandYoga@yahoo.com. One hour - $15

 Massage & Reiki: Janice Cartwright (540-471-9027)-  janice.cartwright@prodigy.net One hour - $80

 Past-Life or Life-Between-Lives Regression Session: Joanne DiMaggio (434-242-7348) joanne@joannedimaggio.com
Explore the past-life that is having the most impact on your current life to resolve karmic issues, patterns and challenges. Includes soul-writing and written transcript. Two hours - $125

 Reiki: Pamela Wolfe (434-962-6732) – pswolfe@cstone.net
Benefits including balancing and clearing your energy field and chakras, bringing about deep levels of relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, and it boosts the immune system and brings about an overall feeling of well-being. Single session $65; package of three $165.

 Transformational Mandala Work: Cindy Haney (434-825-7626) – cindy@cindyhaney.com
The process of creating and exploring your mandala can open a deep connection to your inner guidance. The methods and materials used are simple, easy and gentle. Couples & group sessions are available. In group sessions, each person creates her/his own mandala. One hour individual session $90; package of three $240. Group session (2.5 hr. minimum; maximum 6 participants) $225.

 Yoga Class - Tahira Haroon (434) 296-0064) – Tahira.ZBandYoga@yahoo.com1 class $10 value  10-class card $80 ($100 value)

Your Heart’s Desire: Create the Life Your Soul Longs For: A One-day Workshop at UHHC - Saturday,  February 3, 2018 | 10am-5:30pm
with Cindy Haney (434-825-7626) –
cindy@cindyhaney.com This experiential workshop will help you to discover the inner blocks that stop you from manifesting your soul’s deepest longings, and learn ways to release those blocks and move forward.  Read full workshop description here. Early Bird Discount: $95 by Jan 12; $110 after.  Space limited to 8 participants


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 New Programs

 Your Heart's Desire:  Create the Life Your SOUL Longs For
A One-day Pathwork Workshop on Saturday, February 3, 2018 | 10am-5:30pm
with Cindy Haney, MS, Pathwork Helper and 
Certified EFT Practitioner

 Ongoing Programs

Intuitive Development Circle:  Mondays, 7pm-9pm with Pamela Wolfe

Yoga for Women:  Sundays and Mondays, 4pm-5:15pm with Tahira Haroon

Prenatal Yoga:  Thursdays, 4pm-5pm with Tahira Haroon