Sunday Lesson

7/2/17 Festival of World Religions: Tibetan Buddhism Special Guest Ven. Tenzin Gephel
6/25/17 Projector or Screen w/ Revs. Don + Patricia Lansky
6/18/17 Pacifism & Making A Difference w/ Special Guest Johnny Clark
6/11/17 Rock-A-My Soul with Special Guest Michelle Prosser
6/4/17 Breathing Spirit with Rev. Patricia Lanksy
5/28/17 How to Let God Help You with Rev. Patricia Lanksy
5/21/17 Heaven's First Law with Rev. Patricia Lansky
5/14/17 Change Your Life with Debbie Johnston
5/7/17 "I Want to Kiss God" with Special Guest Bob Sima
4/30 "Understanding Unfolding" w/Rev. Patricia