Do You Want to Communicate with the Other Side?

Linnea Star at Unity of Charlottesville Friday Dec 1st, Unity of Charlottesville - lecture - 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Saturday Dec 2nd, Unity of Charlottesville – workshop - 9am to 12:30pm.

Do You Want to Communicate with the Other Side? Two events with medium Linnea Star
Capture the Rapture: this is a lecture that will be a presentation of spiritual messages from the other side, so that the audience can get an understanding about what medium ship is and what it is like to communicate with the spirit realm. Linnea will also go through the audience and give evidentiary information from what she refers to as Soul-Spirit communication. She will share details about what loved ones that have passed over want them to know, to some of the audience members. Linnea is never intrusive but chose audience members that are willing to do this together with her. Thus, it is an interesting demonstration for all participants performed in total respect and love. Suggested Love Offerong $35
Medium-ship and Spirit Images: this workshop will be about details of spirit photography. That is, the fascinating phenomena of how and why spirits can - when in the presents of a medium - appear in crystals and cellphone photos.  Linnea will show the audience how to achieve these phenomena, explain how the images might be interpreted, and bring through specfic  information about peoples relatives who have past over. Suggested Love Offering $55