Creating Sustainable Prosperity - New 11-Week Class

A new 11-week class begins Wednesday, January 25. The class is from 7:00-9:00 p.m. (Please come at 6:30pm for the first class only.) 

Unity of Charlottesville practices and teaches the spiritual laws of prosperity and abundance. Based upon the book of the same title by Unity minister, Rev. Doris Hoskins, this weekly series of classes will help you understand your complete financial picture from a spiritual perspective. We will explore how to be in control of where, how and why you spend money, and how to develop your prosperity consciousness, which automatically attracts to you good in all areas of your life. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to base spending on your values rather than past emotional experiences. This is a comprehensive approach to emotional and spiritual maturity regarding money matters, as well as the spiritual basis for creating an abundant life. During these eleven weeks, you will transform your relationship with money and your understanding of prosperity, integrating the spiritual teachings of pros-perity and abundance with the practical application in your every day life.

Topics Include:

Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: It's Not About Tithing

Class 3: Your Cultural Relationship with Money

Class 4: Money as Energy & Your Non-Discretionary Spending

Class 5: Your Values

Class 6: Your Desire, Intention & Thought

Class 7: Faith Through Knowing

Class 8: Fear, Lack, Scarcity & Values Based Allocation of Money

Class 9: Forgiving & Releasing

Class 10: Gratitude, Miracles and Grace

Class 11: Setting Generous Giving Goals

A freewill offering will be received at each class. There is also a materials fee of $45, which is required upon registration. Please sign up in the church lobby or contact the main office to register: